Fatigue Properties of Layered Double Hydroxides Modified Asphalt and Its Mixture

Abstract: This study investigated the influence of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) on the fatigue properties of asphalt mixture. In this paper, different aging levels (thin film oven test (TFOT) and ultraviolet radiation aging (UV aging for short)) of bitumen modified with various mass ratios of the LDHs were investigated. The TFOT and UV aging process were used to simulate short-term field thermal-oxidative aging and long-term field light UV aging of bitumen, respectively. The influences of LDHs on the fatigue properties of LDHs were evaluated by dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) and indirect tensile fatigue test. Results indicated that the introduction of LDHs could change the fatigue properties of bitumen under a stress control mode. The mixture with modified bitumen showed better fatigue resistance than the mixture with base bitumen. The results illustrated that the LDHs would be alternative modifiers used in the bitumen to improve the lifetime of asphalt pavements.

X. Liu, S.P. Wu, L. Pang, Y. Xiao, P. Pan. Fatigue Properties of Layered Double Hydroxides Modified Asphalt and Its Mixture. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 2014, Article ID 868404. Open access.

About Yue

An Associate Professor from State Key Lab of Silicate Materials for Architectures in Wuhan University of Technology, China since January 2014. Received PhD degree in Road and Railway Engineering in 2013 from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His research interests are on asphalt pavement surfacing, road and pavement materials, asphalt pavement design.
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